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Thru-axle Adapter for Followme Tandem.

A thru-axle is a wheel attachment system that secures a wheel on a hub between a pair of dropouts on a bicycle frame or fork. Thru axle dropouts have holes, rather than slots. The thr- axle itself is a thick, solid pin that is threaded on one end. It inserts from the side of the wheel.


 Thread size Width axle Type
M12 x 1,0 L 160 mm Syntace / DT Swiss
M12 x 1,0 L 170 mm Syntace / DT Swiss Boost
M12 x 1,0 L 183 mm Syntace / DT Swiss
M12 x 1,5 L 160/166 mm Shimano / E Thru
M12 x 1,5 L 172 mm Shimano / E Thru
M12 x 1,5 L 177 mm SH BOOST
M12 x 1,5 L 178 mm Shimano / E Thru Boost
M12 x 1,75 L 167 mm Sram / Maxle
M12 x 1,75 L 174 mm Sram / Maxle
M12 x 1,75 L 180 mm Sram / Maxle

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