Bike Compatibility

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Where can I find the FollowMe Tandem manual?

Find it here.

I have an e-bike. Will the product fit the bike?

In order to validate compatibility, could you please send us a couple of pictures to of the rear of your e-bike from the side view?.

What is the adapter for the Woom 2, Woom 3, Islabike 14" 16", Early Rider 14" 16" child bikes?

For all these bike models you will need the wheel stubs for hollow front hub with M6 thread.

What is the adapter for decathlon Riverside 100 bike?

If it is a european bike there is a good chance that the M10 adapter works, but also you can validate it with the 3/8 wheel hub of a child's bike. If it does not fit, you have to use the M10. Another option is to take one of the wheel nuts to a Canadian Tire store in the "bolts section" to validate it. Or simply test it with a thread gauge.

I have a cruiser bike from Public Bikes with an internally-geared hub (8 speed Shimano). My rear wheel does NOT have a quick release axle. What is the way to get the FollowMe Tandem setup working with my bike?

You will need the 3/8 adapter for solid axle.

My bike is a Giant Revolt Advanced 0, and the thru axle is 12 x 142 mm, 1.5 mm thread pitch.

Please find the proper thru axle adapter model in the table below:

 Thread size Width axle Type
M12 x 1,0 L 160 mm Syntace / DT Swiss
M12 x 1,0 L 170 mm Syntace / DT Swiss Boost
M12 x 1,0 L 183 mm Syntace / DT Swiss
M12 x 1,5 L 160/166 mm Shimano / E Thru
M12 x 1,5 L 172 mm Shimano / E Thru
M12 x 1,5 L 178 mm Shimano / E Thru Boost
M12 x 1,75 L 167 mm Sram / Maxle
M12 x 1,75 L 174 mm Sram / Maxle
M12 x 1,75 L 180 mm Sram / Maxle


I got the FollowMe Tandem, but the bolts on the safety clamp are too tight. I stripped one and now I cannot use the safety clamp because I cannot get the stripped bolt out.

This part is tricky. You need to use a regular 8 mm key on one side while applying torque on the other side with an allen key. A regular driver alone will not work. You can also use a bit of lubricant spray on the nut to help too, or apply extreme bot water before to smooth up the locking sealant.

I have a Nexus 3 speed hub, which adaptor would work?
I would like to install the FollowMe Tandem on a second bike, what parts do I need?

After confirming if the second bike is compatible, you only need a standard quick release and a strap.

I received the FollowMe Tandem but the quick release is missing.

The quick release is already installed on the FollowMe Tandem frame.

I have received the product, but some accessories are missing in the box.

If this is the case, please send us a couple of pictures of the opened box with what you received to the following email:

Up to what size bike the FollowMe Tandem work?

The FollowMe is configurable for bikes from 12" to 20", and is designed to support a maximum weight of 45kg including the bike.